Welcome to Las Lomas Computer Programming!

Intro to Computer Programming Assignments
Assignment Type Instructions Project
Setup 1. Installing the JDK Incomplete
Setup 2. Compiler Check Incomplete
Setup 3. Compiling Practice Incomplete
Printing 4. Your First Program Complete
Printing 5. Your Second Program Complete
Printing 6. Comments and Slashes Complete
Printing 7. A Letter to Yourself Complete
Printing 8. Your Initials Complete
Printing 9. Printing Choices Complete
Printing 10. Escape Sequences and More Comments Complete
Printing 11. Numbers and Math Complete
Variables 12. Variables and Names Complete
Variables 13. Saving Information in Variables Complete
Variables 14. More Variables and Printing Complete
Variables 15. Using Variables Complete
Variables 16. Still Using Variables Complete
Variables 17. More Math Complete
Variables 18. Your Schedule Complete
Keyboard Input 19. Asking Questions Complete
Keyboard Input 20. More Questions Complete
Keyboard Input 21. Even Moar Questions Complete
Keyboard Input 22. Name, Age and Salary Complete
Keyboard Input 23. More User Input of Data Complete
Keyboard Input 24. Age in Five Years Complete
Keyboard Input 25. A Dumb Calculator Complete
Keyboard Input 26. BMI Calculator Part 1 Complete
Variables II 27. Variables Only Hold Values Complete
Variables II 28. Variable Modification Shortcuts Complete
Variables II 29. Boolean Expressions Complete
Strings 30. Comparing Strings Complete
Variables III 31. Compound Boolean Expressions Complete
If Statements 32. Making Decisions with If Statements Complete
If Statements 33. What If Complete
If Statements 34. How Old Are You? Complete
If Statements 35. Else and If Complete
If Statements 36. Weekday Name Complete
If Statements 37. How Old Are You, Specifically? Complete
If Statements 38. Space Boxing Complete
If Statements 39. A Little Quiz Complete
If Statements 40. Modulus Animation Complete
GUI 41. Using Swing for Input Complete
GUI 42. Boring Window Complete
GUI 43. A Frame with a Panel with Writing on it Complete
If Statements II 44. 20 Questions...Nah, Just Two Complete
If Statements II 45. Choose Your Own Adventure Complete
If Statements II 46. Age Messages 3 Complete
If Statements II 47. Two More Questions Complete
If Statements II 48. BMI Categories (EC) Complete
If Statements II 49. Gender Game Complete
If Statements II 50. compareTo Challenge Complete
If Statements II 51. Alphabetical Order Complete
If Statements II 52. The Worst Number-Guessing Game Ever Complete
Project Number 1 P1. Choose Your Own Slightly Longer Adventure (EC) Incomplete
Random Numbers 53. Randomness Complete
Random Numbers 54. Magic 8 Ball Complete
Random Numbers 55. A Number-Guessing Game Complete
Random Numbers 56. Fortune Cookie Complete
Random Numbers 57. Dice Complete
Random Numbers 58. One-Shot Hi-Lo Complete
Random Numbers 59. Three-Card Monte Complete
While Loops 60. Enter Your PIN Complete
While Loops 61. Keep Guessing Code complete
While Loops 62. Dice Doubles Complete
While Loops 63. Counting with a While Loop Complete
While Loops 64. PIN Lockout Complete
While Loops 65. Number-Guessing with a Counter Complete
While Loops 66. Hi-Lo with Limited Tries Complete
While Loops 67. Adding Values in a Loop Complete
While Loops 68. Reverse Hi-Lo Complete
Do While Loops 69. Do-While Swimming Complete
Do While Loops 70. Flip Again? Complete
Do While Loops 71. Shorter Double Dice Complete
Do While Loops 72. Again with the Number-Guessing Complete
Do While Loops 73. Baby Calculator Complete
Final F1. Semester 1 Final Complete
While Loops II 74. Safe Square Root Complete
While Loops II 75. Right Triangle Checker Complete
While Loops II 76. Collatz Sequence (EC) Complete
While Loops II 77. Adventure 2 Incomplete
Project 2 P2. Nim Incomplete
For Loops 78. Counting with a For Loop Complete
For Loops 79. Ten Times Incomplete
For Loops 80. Counting Machine Complete
For Loops 81. Counting Machine Revisited Complete
For Loops 82. Counting by Halves Complete
For Loops 83. Xs and Ys Complete
For Loops 84. Noticing Even Numbers Complete
For Loops 85. Fizz Buzz Complete
For Loops 86. Letter at a Time Complete
For Loops 87. For Loop Challenge Incomplete
For Loops 88. Adding Values with a For Loop Complete
Random Numbers II 89. Baby Blackjack Complete
Project 3 P3. Blackjack Incomplete
Functions 90. Picture Menu Complete
Functions 91. Flicker Phrase Complete
Functions 92. Heron's Formula Complete
Functions 93. Distance Formula Incomplete
Functions 94. Month Name Complete
Functions 95. Month Offset Complete
Functions 96. Weekday Calculator Complete
Functions 97. Area Calculator Complete
Functions 98. Function Call Alphabet Complete
Functions 99. Fill-In Functions Complete
Functions 100. More Fill-In Functions Complete
Functions 101. Keychains for Sale Complete
Functions 102. Keychains for Sale, for real this time Complete
Functions 103. Keychains for Sale, real ultimate power Complete
Functions 104. Calling Functions from Other Files Incomplete
Functions 105. Evenness Function Complete
Functions 106. Finding Prime Numbers Complete
Do While Loops II 107. Baby Calculator review Complete
For Loops II 108. For Loops: A Refresher Complete
For Loops II 109. Refresher Challenge Complete
For Loops II 110. Displaying Some Multiples Complete
Project 4 P4. Calculator Complete
Nesting Loops 111. Nesting Loops Complete
Nesting Loops 112. Odometer Loops Complete
Nesting Loops 113. Nesting Loops Complete
Nesting Loops 114. Multiplication Table Complete
Nesting Loops 115. Number Puzzle I Complete
Nesting Loops 116. Getting Individual Digits Complete
Nesting Loops 117. Number Puzzle II Complete
Nesting Loops 118. Number Puzzle III Complete
Nesting Loops 119. Number Puzzle IV Complete
File IO 120. Programs that Write to Files Complete
File IO 121. High Score Complete
File IO 122. Getting Data From a File Complete
File IO 123. Simple File Input Complete
File IO 124. Summing 3 Numbers From A File Complete
File IO 125. Summing 3 Numbers from Any File Complete
File IO 126. Getting All the Data from a File Complete
File IO 127. Displaying a File Complete
File IO 128. Summing Several Numbers from Any File Complete
File IO 129. Simple Web Input Complete
Arrays 130. Making Arrays Complete
File IO 131. Create Your Own Array Complete
File IO 132. Arrays With For Loops Complete